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Writing Topic 1: Write about a movie you watched
Writing Topic 2: Write about an unpleasant trip
Writing Topic 3: Write about the pros and cons of mobile phones
Writing Topic 4: Give advice to your friend who feels lonely
Your Writing Assignment
Greek Writing Course: Advanced
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As you go through the Writing Topics, you’ll see a very similar structure.

1.The course starts with a BONUS! More than 20 Linking Words and Phrases to Add to Your Writing. You can download it and use it in any topic. Complete the Quiz to practice these words and phrases.

2.In every writing Topic, you’ll also find quizzes with useful vocabulary related to the topic. Start by practicing this vocabulary so that you use words from the quizzes and useful linking words and phrases.

3.At the end of each unit, you have a mission. Your mission is to submit your assignment and I will get back to you adding corrections and personalized feedback.

These missions are really to encourage you to take action and start writing in Greek.

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