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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started?
    First, book a trial lesson or 1 lesson or a discounted package of 5 lessons. Then, schedule your lesson(s) selecting the date & Time using the Calendar.
  • How many lessons to book per week?
    Learning is effective when it’s regular. Reserve your favorite time slots and set a consistent schedule. For a normal learning pace schedule 2 lessons a week and for a fast learning pace schedule 3 hours a week. Every lesson is 55 minutes.
  • What to do before the lesson?
    Make sure your computer has a working microphone and camera. I highly recommend you also use your headphones. You should have a stable internet connection. Join your lesson and meet your tutor using the classroom link sent to you.
  • What to expect from my trial lesson?
    Trial lessons are offered to first-time students at a lower price. You have 1 Trial lesson available. Your trial lesson will help you decide whether the tutor is a good match for you. You can get to know each other and share your goals and your learning style. You will have an activity together, learn something new and understand how your tutor likes to teach. Your tutor will guide your study, create a learning plan for you so that you are confident you reach your learning goals.
  • What to expect from my lessons?
    You will have lessons in an online classroom with updated and colorful materials. We will use interactive whiteboards where you can take an active part by writing, highlighting, and underlining. You will get all the materials, audio files and lesson notes. You will build and master the vocabulary with flashcard games and we will have homework assignments and reviews.
  • Rescheduling or Canceling a lesson
    If you are unable to attend, please communicate as soon as possible. You can cancel or reschedule your lesson if needed. If it is more than 24 hours before your lesson’s starting time, and you wish to take this lesson at another time, you could reschedule your lesson. If it is less than 24 hours before your lesson’s starting time, the lesson can not be rescheduled and you may cancel it without a refund.
  • Do you teach to children or teenagers?
    Lessons are designed for adults (18+).
  • Will I get a Certificate?
    You will get a personalised Certificate Of Achievement. When you complete your course, we’ll provide a certificate that certifies your knowledge in Greek.
frequently asked questions
certificate of achievent


Get A Personalised Certificate Of Achievement

When you complete your course, I’ll provide a certificate that you can use to certify your knowledge in Greek.