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About Course

Master Greek Grammar : Beginner to Intermediate (Ebook +Quizzes) | Complete Greek Course

Learn Greek Grammar FAST with this course for Beginner and Intermediate learners: Grammar made simple, easy, and fun!


What you’ll learn

Do you struggle to put sentences together?

Want to master Greek Grammar?

This course will explain complex Grammar terms and cover everything, from teaching you how to use a Greek article, to conjugating verbs and forming sentences in Present, Future and Past.

44 golden topics with English explanations, exercises, and everything you need to make Grammar look super easy.


In this course, we’re going to take you through the first steps of your Greek journey, from the beginner level, showing you Grammar rules that most courses don’t teach! And motivational quotes to help you along the way.


This course will be useful for you if you are not sure how to answer questions like

– What is accusative?

– How can I speak in the Present, Future, and Past?

– What is the subject and the object?

– How can I say things in plural?

These and many other questions are answered in this course.


After taking this course you will be able to:

– Speak in Greek in everyday situations using the correct structures

– Make sentences with ease and put sentences together

– Talk in the present, future, and past tense

and much more.


Who is this course for

– Anyone who wants to learn Greek Grammar with easy-to-understand instructions.

– This course is mainly for beginner students.

– Intermediate and advanced students who have problems with Grammar will also find this course useful.


How to work on this course

There are 44 chapters in this course. Each chapter focuses on a particular Grammar topic. including examples, English explanations, and quizzes with exercises at the end of each chapter.

The chapters are not in order of difficulty, so you are not expected to work through the course from beginning to end. Every learner has different problems, so start with the grammar that you find difficult.

It is suggested that you work this way :

– find which chapter deals with the grammar point you are interested in

– study the explanations and examples

– do the exercises at the end of the chapter and check your answers

– if your answers are not correct, study again to see what went wrong


So why pick this course?

There are many Greek courses out there. Here’s why this is the best.

It doesn’t just teach you the theory. This course has numerous examples, easy-to-understand explanations, and rules that most courses don’t teach. It has more than 400 Quiz questions to test your knowledge.

It is designed by a teacher with more than 10 years of experience in teaching Greek Grammar.


About the designer of the course

Thanasis is an online Greek teacher, #1 in the most popular language teaching platforms, like italki.com, verbling.com, and preply.com, teaching Greek since 2012.
He has helped thousands of students understand complex Greek grammar terms and speak better Greek.

With the “Complete Greek Course: Master Greek Grammar Beginner to Intermediate” he will help you easily understand the complex concepts of Greek Grammar and apply them to your speaking.


What students say

“Thanasis is wonderful in introducing and teaching grammar. My sentiment toward grammar in previous studies was boredom and fear, and now I realize that grammar is easy with the proper and patient instruction. I can now say things I do, have done and will do!

It’s really exciting! Whenever I study languages, grammar is always the most difficult part but this teacher makes it all super simple.
One of the best things about Thanasis’ class is that I not only learn Greek well, but I’m also learning English again! He teaches grammar in bite-sized chunks in such a way that has actually made me better understand the pitfalls of my mother tongue. It’s surprising to me to realize that I really enjoy learning grammar -now if I could only remember it!”


“Thanasis is always very patient and is particularly good at explaining Greek grammar. He excels at explaining complex grammar terms and has helped hundreds of students with every aspect of their language-learning journey.

Thanasis is particularly good at explaining grammar – something that is notoriously difficult to master in Greek for an English native speaker.”

For more reviews about Thanasis, check here

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What Will You Learn?

  • 44 most useful Grammar topics
  • How to speak in Greek using correct Grammar
  • How to put sentences together

Course Content

How to use this course

  • Introduction


Nouns and Cases



Verbs in Present

Verbs in Subjunctive

Verbs in Imperative

Verbs in Future

Verbs in Past



Student Ratings & Reviews

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3 months ago
This course has been integral to my overall understanding and appreciation of the Greek language. Not only has it helped me to become more confident in my abilities, but it has also helped me to understand my own language's grammar and thus, left me more appreciative of language overall. Through the simple yet rigorous exercises and lessons that Thanasis offers, I have advanced my understanding of the language far beyond what I could do my own. This course is an absolutely necessary investment for those that are serious about learning Greek.
4 months ago
The course is really enjoyable because everything is explained in a simple way and covers the essentials of basic grammar. No detailed additions to overwhelm you in grammar, but clear examples that make everything very manageable to learn, remember, and... apply. You can already do that in the course by completing short quizzes!

The course is definitely an added value in a Greek learning process, both for beginners and students who need a refresher or want to be able to rely on an efficient document of basic grammar.

Greek is a difficult but beautiful language, so definitely worth taking up the challenge! Good luck to everyone and thanks to Thanasis ! :)
4 months ago
I recommend this Greek Grammar course to everyone studying Greek! I can't believe how much I'm retaining, and the format is perfect for my busy schedule. All of the materials are easily accessible later as I always need a refresher in different areas. It's a GREAT value, and if you can pair it with lessons with Thanasis, you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll pick up this language.
6 months ago
Greek grammar is wonderfully challenging but is a must learn for beginners and intermediates who want to speak or write in Greek. This course written by Thanasis is the most effective way I have found to learn this important subject. The lessons are thoughtfully structured with great examples to reinforce learning. I highly recommend this.
6 months ago
I'm using the Master Greek Grammar alongside my lessons to practice and remember the many grammar points that I find hard to remember. I like the fact you can work at your own pace and repeat readings and quizzes to help embed the learning. Learning Greek is not easy for me and this really helps!
6 months ago
I recently finished this Greek Grammar course. I’m a native English speaker and Greek grammar is much more complicated than English grammar. I found this course fun to do and very helpful. It helped to reinforce that grammar that I already know and to refresh my memory on some of the more obscure points.

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