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Writing Topic 1: Write about a movie you watched
Writing Topic 2: Write about an unpleasant trip
Writing Topic 3: Write about the pros and cons of mobile phones
Writing Topic 4: Give advice to your friend who feels lonely
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Greek Writing Course: Advanced
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Hello and welcome to The Greek Writing Challenge!

I am so excited that you are here and first off I want to congratulate you.

Congratulate you for choosing to start your writing journey by choosing The Greek Writing Challenge as your guide in this process.

I am really thankful you are here and really excited to help you on the way.

The Greek Writing Challenge was made to help you improve your writing skills and boost your confidence in Greek.

The entire focus of this course is to give you personalized feedback on your assignments and apply the corrections in real life. You’ll see that with practice, you’ll start writing Greek correctly and with ease.

I hope you’re ready to dive in.

Let’s go!

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