Greek Trial Lesson (30 minutes)


Your trial lesson will help you decide whether the tutor is a good match for you.

You can get to know each other and share your goals and your learning style.

You will have an activity together, learn something new and understand how your tutor likes to teach.

Your tutor will guide your study, and create a learning plan for you so that you are confident you reach your learning goals.

One trial lesson is available. (30 minutes)

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– Do you feel nervous trying to speak to native Greek speakers?
– Do you struggle to use the correct grammar and put the words together?

I am Thanasis from Greece and my passion is to help people improve their speaking skills so that they talk in Greek with confidence.

I teach online full-time since 2012 and I make sure my students improve their speaking skills, interact with confidence and get results. If you are a beginner or want to improve and speak better Greek, that’s my specialty.


What to expect from my lessons?

  • You will have lessons in an online classroom with updated and colorful materials.
  • We will use interactive whiteboards where you can take an active part by writing, highlighting, and underlining.
  • You will get all the materials, audio files and lesson notes.
  • You will build and master the vocabulary with flashcard games and we will have homework assignments and reviews.

We will work on

  • Speaking Practice on a wide range of topics and real-life situations
  • Vocabulary and Grammar Development o Listening and Reading Comprehension
  • Phonetics and Accent Reduction o Writing Correction and Test preparation


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